Here’s the second story of the fourth volume of the manga The Horror Mansion. Sorry it took me a while! But here it is 🙂 I should have more time doing this manga now that Christmas vacation is here. On the other hand, my French is getting better – great school, great teachers, and a great French boyfriend helps a lot. I wish there was a way for me to buy manga in French over here in the Philippines.

Well without further ado, here’s the second story:

Thanks all and see you in my next post.


First release of Magaling Scans. I really like this manga and I found some raws of it online, and wanting to practice my French (the raws were in French) I decided to try to translate and since I’m doing it might as well share it with you guys. Esthetique is doing this, too, but since they are still in Volume 3 I decided to do Volume 4 onwards. Please don’t give me shit like “you are stealing their project!” cause honestly I don’t care about that. I wanted to translate it to practice my French and decided to share it with those who are interested. Props to Esthetique for doing a great job on what they have done so far, though.


I honestly want an online reader for this. Is there anyone willing to host for me? I’m planning to do more horror/seinen/psychological mangas, but it’s this one for now.

BTW, this chapter seems to be a continuation of a story in Volume 3. I think you can get it just by reading the last part……